Tundun Abiola’s interview with Arise TV


My interview with Arise TV yesterday.

I feel compelled to share it because a gentleman who was also at the studio asked me afterwards if I will vote for Buhari next year. I said it depends on the debates. Another Obasanjo precedent I would like to see Buhari overturn is that the incumbent President should participate alongside other candidates. The gentlemen then told me that even though I was not asked during my interview, I should have stated that this doesn’t mean I support Buhari.

Now, far too much time and care was invested in my upbringing for me to accept with thanks such a huge honour but add any caveat. One would have to be a singularly ill-mannered ingrate to do such. Mi o le hu iwa omo ale nitori mi o’n se omo ale. This is the hot topic du jour to most but not to me. This is my father. I am unapologetically unobjective about this dream come true and unreservedly grateful.


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