This Is The Most Callous Gov’t Since Nigeria Became A Nation – David Oyedepo


The founder of winners Church David oyedepo angrily rain curses on terrorist during the covenant hour of prayer today.

He read from Psalm 11:6, 7:11 – 13 and he said “Know that God is angry with the wicked every day, God is angry with Myyetti alla every day, God is angry with everybody backing evil in this nation everyday”

“This persecutor of the church, their days are numbered… Anybody that tries to covers this, God will uncover his generation forever. They’ll work naked on the street of Nigeria. It will be irrecoverable insanity”

According to the man of God, the chairman of CAN was murdered and the Government did nothing about it. “Everybody involved in the assault against the church go down finally.

He also read from Isaiah 42: 13-15, and he said “There root is dried up, there resources dried up, the works of their hands is dried up, they’ll see sand and mistake it for money”

Isaiah 49:25

He further declared that God should confirm this verdict upon this wicked system. In his words,

“This is the most callous government since Nigeria became a nation. I am told that some government official have been trying to cover the captured vagabond. If you cover it, your generation will remain under a curse for eternity.”

He said “we have always live together as one until this system came into power. I warned you all, but you didn’t listen to me.”

“God’s mercy has prevailed in Nigeria… This wicked system is judged. “I have never seen a place on this earth where someone will claim responsibilities for killing hundreds’ and still be working on the street. Is this any better than George Orwell’s Animal Farm?”


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