The beauty of knowledge: Emir Sanusi replies Jafar Jafar and Nigeria politicians 


The beauty of knowledge: Emir Sanusi replies Jafar Jafar and Nigeria politicians
1. There are no corruption allegations against me;
2 there was never anything like N3b or even N2b in the
Emirate council’s account when i became Emir;
3. The Rolls Royces they talked about were bought by my two
friends, Kola Kareem and Bola Shagaya. This is normal. The
late Emir’s limousines were bought by Aminu Dantata,
Fernandez, Isiaka Rabiu, Sani Abacha and Ahmed Muazu.
Everyone has friends and well wishers;
4. I am renovating the palace at my expense drawing on my
overdraft with First Bank and liquidating assets and i dont
mind being paid over a long period. And if i am not paid back
by Government, it is still fine because the decision to use
personal resources was mine;
5. Now, these famous photos of my “romancing” a woman in
public. I am posting it below
6. First, this was a public event and it could have been anyone
and it wouldnt matter in anyway. But as it happened, this lady
is called Maryam. Her grandmother, Fulani Halin is the
daughter of late Emir, Bayero and still lives in the palace. She
is my cousin and has always loved photos;
7. The second picture the SA posted was this one. This
woman is Maryam Lamido Sanusi nee Maitama. She’s my
cousin and my second wife. We have been married for 25
years and she is the mother of six of my twelve children. The
photo was taken many years ago when i took her to mauritius
and this was on a valentine’s day. Okay, i am sorry if Northern
conservative society has a problem with a man romancing his
wife on a beach and embarassed that a private family picture
is online but this is not a crime;
8. Sarauta ba abinda ya fi ta dadi. Ka zauna a gida a busa
algaita da tambari a zo a gaishe ka. Watakila ma a baka
gaisuwa. Support and praise every Government and avoid
causing them offence. I am thinking, may be, the biggest
problem i have is that i believed people actually expect more
from Sarakunan su. Maybe, they dont. Time for reflection. Let’s
all siddon look and watch the North be destroyed. Emirs
should not talk;
9. Kola Kareem, the MD of Costain and Shoreline is an old
friend of mine right from my banking days. Bola Shagaya was
my classmate in SBS (1977) and in Economics class
(1978-1981) in ABU, Zaria. These were their contributions to
me. They asked what can we do and i said ‘buy me new cars’.
The limos here are all antique and dead;
10. The only sad thing about all this nonsense is that it was
posted by an SA to the Governor. He did not even tried to be
smart and assigned someone to do it;
11. And what is all the noise about? I never insulted Northern
people. I said the poverty levels in the north are among the
highest in the world. How does that become insulting people. I
also said it is fine to build light rails but, please, let private
sector do it. And dont borrow N800b to build N10km of urban
rail. I did not abuse anyone or call any name or insult anyone. I
said the FG is spending 66% of its revenue on interest payment
quoting the IMF article IV. And when you are in a debt hole
this big, you dont dig. States have just been bailed out of debt
by CBN. They should not be pilling more debt for future
generations. Their resources should be for education and
health. Where in this did i insult either politicians or the
I have reflected over and over on my speech and i still dont
see what i said that is so wrong and offensive. I didnt say the
North cannot survive as a country. Afterall, Niger Republic is
there with some help from Paris. I didnt say that the North in
the past had no glory. I know it has a rich history. I didnt say
the North can not be rich and better. In fact, i think it can and
it is a disgrace we are where we are.”


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