Sambo Dasuki Is A Traitor, He Sold Us All To Boko Haram


Epidemiologist and software developer Farida Kabir has taken a hard swipe at the release of ex Nigerian Army Colonel and National Security Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo Dasuki from detention where he was previously held.

Ms. Kabir using her twitter handle @reedahkh explained the fear and pain they experienced from the siege of Boko Haram terrorists during his tenure as Security Chief.

She wrote: “Dasuki is a traitor. He sold us all to BH. I lost a family member during that time. He went on patrol and their vehicle stepped on a land mine. That was it. May Dasuki never see Peace in life and hearafter. Anybody celebrating his release deserves to die under BH knife. Nonsense.”

“Were we not here when BH gained so much power that they could offset bomb in the capital of Nigeria? What effrontery? My husband’s colleagues died at the battle line. Many of them. The only reason why my husband didn’t die is because of his injured knee cap. He was discharged.”

“What do you want to say about dasuki and his cronies? Everybody in that ring deserves to die under BH knife just like they left us at their mercy. Killing our friends and families anyhow. Like chickens. How about the chibok girls?

Or how they raid and ransack villages”

“We had nothing to hold unto. Everybody was living in fear. People stopped going to worship centers and large gatherings. Nobody was sure whether they would see the next 5 minutes or not.

Dasuki and all the service chiefs including their C-in-C will never see Peace. Allah ya isa.”

Sambo Dasuki continues to be embroiled in the alleged embezzlement of $2billion arms procurement deal while he was the National Security Adviser. The money was said to have been meant for the purchase of arms and ammunition for the Nigerian Army against Boko Haram but was instead used to fund elections. That act was said to have left the security agents stranded while fighting the insurgents, with hundreds of them losing their lives.


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