Nigerian music legend, Iya Aladuke, has revealed how her grandchild died in a car her fan gave her. The 86-year old creator of Senwele Yoruba music genre, disclosed this in a new interview with NAN.


She said, “Being a musician is a difficult task because it has a lot to do with metaphysical power. I recall many years back when I sang and was given a vehicle. Three days after I got the gift, I was involved in a fatal accident that claimed my grandchild and the vehicle was written off. I had so many ugly experiences and I saw a lot as a musician that almost discouraged me. I wanted to back out, but I persisted.”

Music in those days was not a profession you would like to hand over to your children. Can anyone give birth to a child and send him to choose commercial driving as profession? The plan of every parent was for his or her children to go to school to study and become lawyers, engineers and doctors,” the singer added.


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