Nigeria Does Not Need Restructuring – Osinbajo


Nigeria Does Not Need Restructuring – OsinbajoVice President Yemi Osinbajo has declared that Nigeria does not need restructuring but prudent management of national resources to face the developmental challenges of the country.
Osinbajo revealed his position on the controversial restructuring issue while answering questions from a cross-section of Nigerians at a town hall meeting in Minnesota the United States of America on Sunday.
The Vice President also spoke on a wide array of issues bordering on the economy, anti-corruption, health and agriculture.
According to Osinbajo;

“The problem with our country is not a matter of restructuring and we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into the argument that our problems stem from some geographical restructuring. It is about managing resources properly and providing for the people properly, that is what it is all about.
I served for eight years as Attorney General in Lagos State and one of the chief issues that we fought for in Lagos state was what you call fiscal federalism.


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