INSECURITY: CAN Protest Aimed To De-market Buhari’s Performance – Prof Is-haq Lakin Akintola


The Executive Secretary of the Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN), Prof Muslih Yahya and Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Prof Is-haq Lakin Akintola have berated the organisers of the Christians rally, saying it has political undertone.

Prof Yahya warned the leadership of Christians in the country to stop acting as opposition to the Federal government.

“They are politicising the insecurity issue on one part and also diving the nation along religious line. This is unhealthy for our nation. That rally is more political than religious. Christian leaders behave more like opposition than religious people. It looks like they have an agenda that is different from protesting over the security issues. There is no sincerity in the rally,” he said.

Prof Akintola said the Christian leaders are exaggerating the issue and trying to discredit the government.

He said: “There is an orchestrated attempt to de-market the government. Our Christian neighbours, particularly their leaders are giving the impression that the government is not doing anything. That is not fair. Insecurity was worst six years ago before Muhammadu Buhari’s administration came on board. The Christians are exaggerating the issue. There is another agenda to it.

“The organisers of the rally are not objective and it is ungodly. When a government performs, you need to credit it. When the government does not perform, you can speak up but in my own opinion, this government is addressing the issue of insecurity squarely unlike previous administrations. We are not saying the situation is perfect but we should not exaggerate and overblown the situation. We are scaring the citizenry and the Christian leadership should act responsibly.


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