Huspuppi Gains Freedom


A fresh Information available on the U.S Federal Bureau Of Prisons official website, shows hushpuppi professionally identified as Ramon Olorunwa Abba has regained freedom after hushpuppi was captured and charged for money laundering and fraud.

The info on the website on US federal Bureau indicated that inmate, which is supposedly Ramon Olorunwa Abba identified as Hushpuppi with the BOP Register No 54313424, 37 years of age, has been released on the 20th of July 2020.
Remember, the Chicago lawyer who is defending Nigerian IG star accused of money laundering in the United States said hushpuppi is not guilty of any crime is being accused of.

According to hushpuppi lawyer, who claimed that Ramon Olorunwa Abbas identified as Hushpuppi runs a “legit business” as an “entrepreneur”. The Lawyer said Hushpuppi made his cash promoting brands on his IG handle, where hushpuppi has 2.5 million followers on IG.


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