HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF – Yomi Kasali (Rev)


Impact Today with Rev. Yomi Kasali
I know this subject is very important because it is the foundation of a healthy relationship with people. Most people find it difficult to love people when they have not learnt how to love themselves, managing people and relationships is an evident problem in today’s world and those of us who are believers are not immune to the challenge.

Towards stimulating your pure minds today, let me Inspire you from what the Lord said about the Greatest Commandment, ‘Jesus said to him, Thou shall love the Lord thy God… the second is like unto it, Thou shall love thy neighbor AS THYSELF’ ( Matt 22 v 37-39). The second is like unto the first and we ignore the second because it has two parts.

The second commandment is divided into two parts, one is a Directive (Love Your Neighbor) and the second is a Presumption (As You Love Yourself). So let us take a look at how best to Love ourselves so that we can live right lives else we shall find it difficult in loving people and managing relationships.


  1. LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE: There are many people who live a very complicated life daily by making a mountain out of every molehill situation around them. Be very careful to live a simple life by loving and not fighting. Do not be a complex person by taking life too serious and chase people away from you.
  2. KEEP GOOD FRIENDS: Choose your friends carefully and make sure they are Good friends. The way you know good friends is that they are godly and giving to you, some friends only want to take from you because they envy you. Make sure you unwind with people that care about your welfare.
  3. WORSHIP GOD: Make sure you create space for your Creator in your life and for your heart. The best way to Love Yourself is to Worship your God.
  4. FIND TIME TO LAUGH: Many believers think it is sinful to play and Laugh. You should take a dose of laughter every day and do not take the situation around too serious. Statistics have proven that those who live a happy life live longer and laughter plays a role in exercising your heart and emotions.
  5. EAT GOOD FOOD: It is a myth that ‘you need wealth to eat well.’ Those who are not rich can eat well because it is existing in our villages today. Taking care of what goes into your body is a way of showing how much you love yourself. Eating well and eating right deliberately is a proof of loving oneself.
  6. READ WIDELY: give your mind a treat by expanding the horizon of your knowledge base. Make sure you read widely even if you cannot read exhaustively. Know a lot about almost many things even if you cannot master everything.
  7. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS: This has nothing to do with being ambitious and having aspirations but it is very important to manage your expectations because they have potentials of robbing you of joy and peace. Be Content with whatever you have and do not do anything for money or success.

I hope you have been Inspired today and I look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a note of acknowledgment and encouragement.


Yomi Kasali (Rev)


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