Governor Dave Umahi Empowers Pastors With Over N500m


Governor Dave Umahi Empowers Pastors With Over N500m

The governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, on Tuesday empowered pastors under his divine mandate campaign platform and members of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN in the state, with N500 million.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the divine mandate pastors received N250million with each of the over 2,500 members, receiving N100,000 each while the five blocs of CAN shared N250 million.

Mr Umahi said during the disbursement, that he decided to empower them in realization that pastors and other members of the clergy were not exempted from the harsh challenges of life.

“One of the pastors sent me a text message that though they receive stipends to help in their monthly prayers, they were not Okada (commercial motorcycle) riders.

“I told him that I didn’t know they get stipends and cautioned that he may be one of those who graduated from school, didn’t secure a job and believe that ‘pastoring’ was an easy way of life,” he said.

The governor noted that temptation, poverty, idleness and lack of knowledge do not know who a pastor is, as human challenges are products of the environment.

“It is therefore important that every pastor must be doing something because when you get involved in business, you will get more experience and training to mediate among brethren.

“Let this fund be a mustard seed and if it is too small to start something, aggregate it as I believe that the over N500 million we are disbursing presently would yield over N4 billion in two years,” he said.

He recalled that the pastors have been praying for his gubernatorial ambition not to be given cars and money but for good governance.

“Your prayers are not debts unto us, don’t feel that you worked for me and got no reward but realise that your rewards are of compound interests before God.

“Money is however highly needed in the present day evangelism because if you are preaching to a hungry person and is not properly dressed, he will not believe you.

“He will say if God can do what you claim, why hasn’t he done it for you and people disbelieve native doctors because they would claim to make one rich yet dress in rags,” he said.


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