Five Nigerians Apprehended For ‘Stealing’ Dh2.3million In The UAE


Five Nigerians Apprehended For ‘Stealing’ Dh2.3million In The UAE

Five Nigerians arrested in UAE for robbery, after they allegedly stormed a money exchange in Sharjah and fled with Dh2.3 million on Sunday.

According to the police, the men barged into the exchange and smashed the glass barrier between the customers and the staff, stole the money in multiple currencies and fled.

Two employees at the exchange were injured as they resisted the robbers. One of them managed to notify the police.

The Sharjah Police coordinated with forces from Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman to nab the suspects from four emirates within 48 hours after the robbery was committed.

The incident was reported at Al Ansari Exchange in Al Tawoon area. A top police official said the suspects came to the country on visit visas on March 18.

For two days, they studied the exchange office before deciding to commit the robbery around midnight just before the shop was to close.

On March 20, four of the suspects stormed into the exchange office, while one waited in a car outside. After the four suspects rushed out with the money, they fled in the car.


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